In early April the United Nations announced plans to partner with Chinese firm Tencent, which is behind the social media giant WeChat, QQ and others. Such a partnership between the UN and China’s leading surveillance and censorship enterprise raised serious human rights concerns, which Safeguard Defenders and others raised with the United Nations.

Last December, Australia's Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade (Human Rights Sub-committee) launched an investigation into whether Australia should make use of targeted sanctions to address human rights abuses and adopt a legal framework for a 'Magnitsky Act', in line with similar legislation passed in the United States, Canada, the UK, and soon to be passed in the EU.

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2020年4月2日,一百位中国官方学者写了一封公开信。他们谴责“许多批评声音使COVID-19大流行病政治化”。 他们说:“在大流行病的这一阶段,COVID-19的确切来源仍未确定,但是这些问题并不重要,指责使所有人贬低并伤害所有人”。他们也反对所谓的流行病政治化。



An open letter to Chinese citizens and friends of China at home and abroad. For current list of signatories, or to sign it yourself, click here.

The current global crisis has been caused by the regime so many of you have been tolerating or supporting for decades.

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Source WikimediaThe Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic (CCC) has ruled that eight Taiwanese who are accused by Beijing of telecom fraud cannot be extradited to China. The ruling was posted by the court itself last week

2020年4月3日. 中國維權律師王全璋預計將於2020年4月5日獲釋。中國維權律師王全璋於2015年「709大抓捕」期間被捕,遭秘密羈押逾1200天後,於2018年12月26日因「顛覆國家政權」控罪被安排閉門審訊,2019年1月被判入獄4年6個月,剝奪政治權利5年。


  1. 尊重王全璋及其家人意願及權利,讓王全璋立即回北京與妻兒團聚;
  2. 尊重並確保王全璋及其家人的人身自由,尤其是遷徙自由
  3. 確保王全璋及其家人不會被軟禁、長期監視;
  4. 防止王全璋及其家人不再被騷擾或逼害
  5. 確保王全璋兒子能充分行使其平等受教育權


3 April 2020. Chinese human rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang is expected to be released after completing his sentence on 5 April 2020. Wang Quanzhang was arrested during the 709 Crackdown in 2015.