One lawyer, one scholar and one Swedish human rights advocate share the same fate: they were all kidnapped and disappeared by the Chinese state. Locked for weeks and months in secret jails, completely cut off from the world and forced to confess on camera for crimes they did not commit.  

《失踪人民共和国》由滕彪作序,通过十一位受害者的第一人称讲述,揭示了指定居所监视居住(RSDL)全面而冷酷的面貌。   本书的英文版面向全球读者,旨在提高人们对这项严重违反人权且鲜有人知的制度施以关注。中文版则面向中国公民,例如人权捍卫者、律师、活动人士、网络博主、以及最关键的受害者家属,以此帮助他们为未来可能成为受害者的情况做更好的准备工作。  

residential surveillance at a designated location

此篇文章是基于CNN于11月24日发布的文章‘The Disappeared’ (失踪 - 来自中国秘密监狱的记事) 的非正式中文翻译,与CNN无关,也不由其执行或与之合作。此篇CNN的文章突出了其中一些人的关押经历,文章中的某些人以及许多其他人的完整故事可以在《失踪人民共和国》书中读到。

失踪 - 来自中国秘密监狱的记事


By Chieu Luu and Matt Rivers, CNN

The 11 people who have shared their stories in this book have done so at considerable risk to themselves, many others have faced reprisals from the Chinese state for speaking out in the past. It has also been painful for them to relive the horrors of their experience. They have made this sacrifice because there is a real need to expose the grave human rights violation of China’s “legalized” system of enforced disappearances, or Residential Surveillance at a Designated Location. And also to empower the inevitable future victims.