Being a small and flexible organization is what gives Safeguard Defenders its strength. We are able to tailor our projects and support to real needs on the ground and launch support for actions the moment such needs arise. Likewise, our flexibility combined with extensive field network allows us to quickly identify changing or emerging trends as witnesses on the ground, research them, and release cutting-edge research long before they are seen by the greater civil society sphere, governments, or media.

Our existing support is almost entirely dependent on grants, drawn from open, competitive calls for proposals, and often requiring long procedures, from starting a request to awards. Such grants are vital for carrying out long-standing local support and the operation of established programs. However, it also means small donations are key to allow us the flexibility to quickly respond to identified changes and either expose them or design countermeasures. Your small support can go a long way.

Beyond your possible financial support, we also regularly seek help from volunteers to expand our ability to conduct research. And experts in a variety of fields help us find ways to use new tools to protect and defend human rights. These experts include lawyers, former government administrators, researchers, translators, and more.

If you think your background and knowledge could help, we would be delighted to hear from you. For current job vacancies, check Safeguard Defenders' twitter feed or page.

Every small donation has a real impact. This is especially true for the kind of work helping those on the ground through our field activities. If you would like to donate, you can contact us directly, make a direct bank deposit, or use your credit/debit card or PayPal.



We also encourage anyone with an interest in our work to show their support with the purchase of one of our books. These can be found under publications, and are on sale on Amazon worldwide. Titles include the internationally-acclaimed The People’s Republic of the Disappeared, the book that exposed China’s use of disappearances since Xi Jinping came to power, and Trial By Media, a ground-breaking publication that investigated the role of Chinese State media, CCTV, in collaborating with the police to coerce victims into confessing before they had been tried in a court of law, many sometimes even before arrest or even granted access to a lawyer.

All non-donation income for Safeguard Defenders consists of grants retained through competition in open calls, from international institutions, foundations and governments' development assistance programs.