Một nhà vận động môi trường nói như một cây gỗ trên màn hình khi cô giải thích cách cô âm mưu lật đổ nhà nước, một người đàn ông gục ngã trong những giọt nước mắt sợ hãi trong khi những người hàng xóm của ông ta - khuôn mặt của họ đầy vết cắt và vết bầm tím - buộc tội người khác lên kế hoạch cho các hành vi bạo lực, và một sinh viên Hoa Kỳ hứa sẽ không bao giờ tham gia các hoạt động chống Việt Nam nữa.

An environmental campaigner speaks woodenly on screen as she explains how she plotted to overthrow the state; a man breaks down in frightened tears while his fellow villagers – their faces covered in cuts and bruises -- accuse others of planning violent acts; and an American student promises to never again take part in anti-Vietnam activities.

[03 March 2020] Safeguard Defenders assisted former journalist Peter Humphrey with filing an ethics complaint on February 26 with the World Health Organization (WHO) over the continued appointment of a journalist complicit in rights abuse in China as one of its goodwill ambassadors.

Safeguard Defenders sent an open letter  to the UK's TV-regulator Ofcom today [25 February 2020], requesting an investigation into allegations that China Global Television Network (CGTN) is violating UK broadcasting law and Ofcom's own Guidelines, that prohibits any media organization from being owned or controlled by a political body, and for its license to be revoked.

The story of Dr. Li Wenliang may help to expose the true nature of China’s repulsive practice of forced confessions inside the country.

As China battles to get a grip on the highly infectious Coronavirus epidemic that emerged in Wuhan in December, it has also brought out a well-worn tool – public forced confessions -- to control the debate on the disease and humiliate and punish those who “spread rumours” or take advantage of any panic.

The Director of Safeguard Defenders, Peter Dahlin, explains how civil society can bring serious human rights violators to justice.


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Today, 15 January, Safeguard Defenders released "Fighting Impunity: A guide on how civil society can use Magnitsky Acts to sanction human rights violators". This comprehensive manual, aimed at civil society, is the first of its kind and provides step by step instructions on how to file recommendations for sanctions on perpetrators of gross human rights violations.


UK TV regulator Ofcom has just told Safeguard Defenders that it has accepted a new fairness and privacy complaint against China’s Party-state broadcaster CGTN which "relates to an alleged forced confession", without confirming the source of the complaint.

It’s hard to read the stories of those who were disappeared into China’s Xinjiang Concentration Camps; their accounts of the brutality they suffered are extremely moving.