This January, as we were finishing a ground-breaking report on Vietnam’s practice of forced TV confessions, four new confessions were aired. They were part of a long-running land dispute that ended with deadly clashes between police and villagers, known as the Dong Tam incident.

Cover of Rampant Repression reportA shocking new report by Safeguard Defenders exposes the scale of the numbers of people being held in China's secret RSDL jail system.

Today, Safeguard Defenders is releasing the simplified Chinese version of Fighting Impunity: A guide on how civil society can use Magnitsky Acts to sanction human rights violators.

Rape and execution threats, flogging, electrocution, torturing family members within earshot, and breaking teeth are just some of the ways Iran forces prisoners to confess on camera.

Safeguard Defenders' Investigating Human Rights Violators, presents tools, links to databases, and techniques that guide the user how to collect detailed personal data on human rights violators, including any business holdings, etc., in mainland China and Hong Kong.

Chúng tôi đã tìm thấy cảnh quay của ít nhất 21 cá nhân kể từ năm 2007, những người đã bị buộc phải thú nhận trước camera. 

We found footage of at least 21 individuals since 2007 who had been forced to confess on film.

Today, 15 January, Safeguard Defenders released "Fighting Impunity: A guide on how civil society can use Magnitsky Acts to sanction human rights violators". This comprehensive manual, aimed at civil society, is the first of its kind and provides step by step instructions on how to file recommendations for sanctions on perpetrators of gross human rights violations.

Download directly from Human Rights First as a WORD document here.


On 21 August, Safeguard Defenders filed a comprehensive report and review of China's newest system for Enforced Disappearances, Liuzhi, to nine relevant UN Special Procedures.