If you wish to submit a request for urgent assistance, please see details below.

INSIDE CHINA/VIETNAM: If you wish to submit a request for urgent assistance, please get in touch with us by using the In-country urgent assistance mailbox. If you qualify for assistance, a brief form will be shared with you, depending on the type of assistance you seek. Urgent assistance is only available to those who qualify as human rights defenders. You will receive a response within 48 hours (if you qualify).

OUTSIDE CHINA: To seek support related to transnational repression, extraditions, deportations, and related abuse by China internationally (outside of China), use the mailbox for Transnational repression, extradition or abuse outside China. If your situation qualifies, a staff member from Safeguard Defenders will reach out to you.

Response may be delayed if the language is not English, Chinese, French, or Vietnamese.

All Safeguard Defenders emails are ProtonMail. Using ProtonMail free email service to contact us will provide improved security. Safeguard Defenders also uses encrypted messaging platforms.

Any inquiries outside these topics and areas will be ignored.

  • Safeguard Defenders does not provide help for relocations, asylum seekers, or those seeking to otherwise flee or leave China. However, our major Extradition Information Center can be of immense help for those dealing with some of those issues.
  • For other groups that may be able to help, see Protect Defenders, for financial aid, those seeking shelter abroad, or in need of relocation assistance.
  • Click here to understand what Transnational Repression (TNR) is, and what it is not.