If you wish to submit a request for urgent assistance, please get in touch with us via

Urgent assistance is only available to those who qualify as human rights defenders. 

Include basic details about yourself or the victim and the situation. 

If your request qualifies, you will receive an assistance request form to fill out. You will receive a response within 48 hours.

Similarly, if you request assistance with public interest litigation that would support human rights or the Rule of law, contact us and you will likewise receive a template form to fill out.

Response may be delayed if the language is not English, Chinese, French, or Vietnamese.

All Safeguard Defenders emails are ProtonMail. Using ProtonMail free email service to contact us will provide improved security. Safeguard Defenders also uses encrypted messaging platforms such as Signal and others.

You can also contact Safeguard Defenders using PGP. For either, please email us first requesting access to such platforms.