The arbitrary detention of the two Canadian Michaels – former diplomat Michael Kovrig and businessman Michael Spavor – in China has made headline news around the world. But few have heard of the case of American businessman Kai Li...

China’s hostage diplomacy has got a whole lot more threatening. An increasingly hostile China continues to target foreigners from countries that have angered it with arbitrary arrests, handing down death sentences, and expanding upon a recent trend - stealing the citizenship of former Chinese passport holders.

13 July 2020. 10 NGOs urge Vietnam to reverse its expanding crackdown on civil society, media institutions and journalists, and ensure the safety and legal protections of citizen journalists like Pham Doan Trang.

Full statement as PDF with co-signatories here:

UK’s TV-regulator Ofcom finds China Global Television Network (CGTN) guilty on all counts concerning an investigation launched after a complaint by the UK's Peter Humphrey concerning the extraction and broadcast of several TV confessions he was forced to make. Both broadcasts were anchored by James Chau. 

As China wages a political influence campaign overseas on Covid-19, at home it has intensified control of the spread of information, media and free speech.

In recent years, under Xi Jinping, China has increasingly used hostage diplomacy, threatening, torturing, and disappearing citizens of other countries to bully its way in the international arena.

How low will tech companies go to do the CCP's bidding? Zoom seems intent to show just how far. 

Safeguard Defenders files additional information to WHO that relates to its current review of CGTN's James Chau as 'goodwill ambassador' and his suitability to continue that role. Evidence provided shows a clear lack of integrity and consistent violations of the WHO code of conduct.

It’s been a year and a half since Safeguard Defenders started assisting victims to hold China’s Party-State TV station, CCTV, responsible for broadcasting illegal and human rights-abusing forced confessions across the globe.

Safeguard Defenders has filed an ethics complaint with UNAIDS against one of its long-standing "goodwill ambassadors.