Please email us on All Safeguard Defenders emails are ProtonMail. Using ProtonMail email service to contact us will provide improved security. Safeguard Defenders also uses encrypted messaging platforms such as Signal and Telegram. If you prefer to use messaging APPs, please email us first with a request at You can also contact Safeguard Defenders with PGP. 


Urgent Actions and Public Interest Litigation

If you wish to submit an Urgent Action request, ensure the email subject line reads “Urgent Action” to guarantee a response within 48 hours. First make a request for a copy of the template form. Likewise, to request assistance for Public Interest Litigation, first request a copy of the template form, emailing us with "PIL" or "Public Interest Litigation" in the email subject line. Response may be delayed if the language is not in English, Chinese, French or Vietnamese.


Newsletter and twitter

Safeguard Defenders sends out occasional updates on news, campaigns and other developments. To sign up click here.

Our twitter account, which tweets in English and Chinese, also provides timely updates.