By 彼得达林   关于王全璋案的起诉书已流传开来,王全璋在中国维权紧急援助组(China Action)的工作被指控为三件所谓犯罪事实之一,而王全璋在锋锐事务所工作期间代理的一些案件则构成他被指控的另外两件事。   彼得・达林(Peter Dahlin)是前中国维权紧急援助组的创始人之一,也是今日保护卫士(Safeguard Defenders)机构创始人。作为保管前中国维权紧急援助组机构遗产的人员之一,包括管理该机构所有旧文档。基于此,彼得・达林今天发表这一声明。

BBC Journalists Union Condemns China’s Broadcaster CCTV and Supports Ofcom Complaint on Forced Confessions

Following continued research into the phenomenom of Forced TV Confessions (FCs), and in particular research undertaken in collaboration with Swedish journalist and social commentator Kurdo Baksi on the true extent of how these are broadcast outside China, through its various international Channels, this brief post has been drawn up to highlight the key points, and offer an updated version of the earlier database on Forced TV Co

On Friday, November 23, 2018, Safeguard Defenders organized a press conference in London for a group of 45 invited media, diplomatic and NGO representatives, outlining a complaint filed against China Central Television (CCTV) and its international arm China Global Television (CGTN) with the United Kingdom’s broadcast regulator.

On November 23, a press conference will be held in London, the United Kingdom, co-hosted by Peter Humphrey and Peter Dahlin, related to operations by China's state media broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV), and its international arm China Global Television (CGTN).

Below is the official, redacted, version of the full complaint filed against CCTV for its operations in the United Kingdom, with the Office of Communications (Ofcom) on November 23, 2018.   Ofcom is tasked by law to regulate media broadcasters in the United Kingdom, and to implement the Broadcasting code. CCTV and CGTN both holds broadcast licenses in the UK. The broadcast of a forced TV confession by Iranian State TV broadcaster in the UK led to the TV broadcaster being investigated and found guilty, and subsequently, had their license to broadcast in the UK revoked.