In a landmark case, Sweden’s Supreme Court on July 9 ruled against the extradition of one of China’s most sought after corruption suspects.

Qiao Jianjun, a Chinese Communist Party member and mid-level state official, is being pursued by Beijing under its Operation Fox Hunt program for returning fugitives from overseas. Qiao is suspected of embezzling funds back home.

Sweden held Qiao in detention for nearly a year, until the Supreme Court held a hearing on 18 June following which Qiao was freed, pending a decision.

China’s state TV has been responding vigorously behind the scenes to five complaints against it made between November 2018 and April 2019 by Safeguard Defenders and victims to UK broadcasting regulator Ofcom for airing forced confessions.



  自英国电视监管机构Ofcom根据英国前记者韩飞龙(Peter Humphrey)联合保护卫士递交的投诉,启动对中国环球电视网(简称CGTN)的正式调查后,美国职场社交平台领英(LinkedIn)可能已经开始全球性审查韩飞龙的帐号。

更新: 2019-05-09 (17:30 GMT+1)


2019年3月13日,保护卫士彼得・达林在香港自由新闻(HKFP) 发表关于中国使用指定居所监视居住使人失踪的文章,以及该系统如何成为中国外交政策中针对外国人的工具。 文章中,彼得通过自身的经历,还透露了失踪加拿大人康明凯可能被关押地点,以及目前被指定居所监视居住的二位加拿大公民和一位澳大利亚公民可能遭到的对待。

今日CCTV 13 播出自习近平上台以来第50个已知的强迫电视认罪。CCTV13在其新闻节目共同关注中播出了失踪最高法院法官王林清的供述,其人于2019年1月3日失踪,且可能关押在新成立的国家监察委的留置制度下。   [video width="600" height="480" mp4=""][/video]

Update (May): Former CCTV presenter Cui Yongyuan, who first brough attention to scandal at the Chinese Supreme Court, which led to Supreme Court Justice Wang Linqing's disapparance (later re-appearing in a forced TV confession on CCTV, before disappearing again), has offered a similar confession himself. Cui posted on his social media account a handwritten notice about how he trusts the official investigation team, and that he had been foolish to believe what judge Wang had told him. 

On February 28, 2019, a complaint will be filed by Safeguard Defenders to the UK’s TV regulator Ofcom, concerning systematic violations of the UK’s rule concerning due impartiality and due accuracy in TV broadcasts (standards section five), calling on Ofcom to investigate the broadcast of known and provable lies and intentional distortions in newscasts. The full complaint uses eight different broadcasts by CCTV/CGTN to show the systematic nature of these violations.