China was so worried about London supporting the Hong Kong protests it kidnapped a young employee of the British consulate, abused and threatened him, and then lied about it.

These are the tools and techniques of the Chinese Communist Party’s foreign policy today.






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Chinese police are moving away from TV broadcasts and using short video platforms, microblogs and targeted screenings to air forced confessions.

(2) 据《日经亚洲评论》(Nikkei Asian Review) 报道,北海道大学的一名教授在中国遭到拘留。该教授今年40岁,尚清楚其姓名,他于9月初在中国旅行时被北京拘留。报道称,这是第一位在中国被拘留的日本公务员。据信他因间谍罪指控被捕。据同一则报道称,此举使自2015年以来在中国以间谍活动或国家安全有关指控遭到拘留的日本人增加至13人。中国于2014年通过新的《反间谍法》,2015年开始执行《国家安全法》。

(1) 2019年10月18日更新:自上个月发布文章以来,中国的人质外交又有两位最新受害者。美国人雅各布·哈兰(Jacob Harlan)和阿丽莎·彼得森(Alyssa Petersen)于9月底在江苏省以涉嫌非法组织他人偷越边境罪被捕。多年以来,他们经营着一家聘请外国人到中国教授英语的公司。就在二位被捕两周前,美国以涉嫌签证诈骗逮捕了中国政府官员柳忠三。

(2) UPDATE as of 19 October 2019: Nikkei Asian Review reports that a Japanese professor at Hokkaido University has been detained in China. The unnamed man is in his 40s, and was detained in Beijing earlier in September while travelling in China. The reports states it is the first Japanese person classified as a civil servant that has been detained in China. It is believed he is detained related to Espionage charges.