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21 Dec 2017

The disappeared: Accounts from inside China's secret prisons

One lawyer, one scholar and one Swedish human rights advocate share the same fate: they were all kidnapped and disappeared by the Chinese state. Locked for weeks and months in secret jails, completely cut off from the world and forced to confess on camera for crimes they did not commit.  

Credit: CNN. Sui Muqing (far left), Peter Dahlin, and Chen Taihe.


  Earlier this month, CNN reported their stories in the context of Chinese president Xi Jinping’s ramped up crackdown on human rights. This is the story of China’s “legalized” Black Jails.   Watch the video here.   Two of these men, Sui Muqing and Peter Dahlin wrote first-person accounts of their ordeals in our book, The People's Republic of the Disappeared.