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17 Jun 2020

New toolkit: On Investigating Human Rights Violators

Safeguard Defenders is releasing a collection of tools today that will be of keen interest to professional human rights workers, local civil society organizations, journalists from China and overseas, and government officials involved in evaluating submissions for Magnitsky and other similar sanctions mechanisms.  

This eight-page guide, called Investigating Human Rights Violators(PDF) presents tools, links to databases, and techniques that guide the user how to collect detailed personal data on human rights violators, including any business holdings, etc., in mainland China and Hong Kong. These tools broaden the information that is normally accessible, and is used to target those who commit human rights crimes or who engaged in corruption.

Investigating Human Rights Violators is adapted from a much larger manual, Fighting Impunity: A guide on how civil society can use Magnitsky Acts to sanction human rights violators that was released earlier this year. It was written after consulting at length professional corporate due diligence workers that have been based in Hong Kong and mainland China.

Fighting Impunity is a thorough step-by-step guide to bringing human rights violators and corrupt officials to justice.