13 Feb 2024

SD launches Help Center to counter extraditions to China

On February 13, Safeguard Defenders launched its permanent Information and Help Center to counter extraditions to the People's Republic of China (China). 

Years in the making, it is by far the most comprehensive resource of its kind. A one-stop shop primarily aimed at legal practitioners defending individuals from extraditions to China, it also contains a dedicated information page for policymakers and media professionals willing to engage on the issue.

This resource center has been developed based on SD's own extensive experience in countering extraditions and deportations to China across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. It further draws on extensive research outputs by SD, Expert Reports and witness testimonies delivered to Courts, and the ensuing interactions with prosecutors at the district, appeal, and Supreme court level. This experience is further compounded by the many consultations with lawyers defending their clients from forceful returns to China in various jurisdictions, as well as with academics specialized in the Chinese criminal justice system. 

So far, we have had a 100% success rate in assisting to block extraditions and deportations in cases we have been directly involved in. The  Stop Extradition to China - Information & Help Center is available on the right-hand side of our top navigation bar. 

It is today available in all six United Nations languages (Arabic, Chinese (simplified), English, French, Spanish and Russian) with more languages to be added in the future. 

A further section, based on reports on the overall human rights situation in China and our experience in supporting Chinese human rights defenders seeking asylum will soon be available as well. 

In addition to the publicly-available information in this resource center, Safeguard Defenders has also produced a number of tailored expert reports, assisted legal counsel with supporting materials, provided evidence countering China's diplomatic assurances and - as needed - appeared in courts as expert witnesses during judicial extradition proceedings. These reports are not published as to not diminish their effectiveness, but are available to legal counsel upon request. Safeguard Defenders is also open to considering drafting specific expert reports in relevant languages or appearing as expert witnesses in court. For all such requests, please contact us via the Request Assistance section.