Review of China's use of forced TV confessions Annex

Appendix and additional data for Submission on China's Practice of Extracting and Broadcasting Forced Confessions Before Trial submitted to relevant UN organs for review. 

Review of China's use of forced TV confessions

Review submitted to UN organs on Chinese authorities’ widespread practice of coercing individuals into confessing on TV before their trials. Produced and submitted together with several international NGOs.

Coerced on Camera

A ground-breaking new study of how Vietnamese police parade human rights defenders from lawyers, villagers fighting land grabs to foreigners in front of TV cameras long before trial.

Scripted and Staged

This groundbreaking and illustrated report was the first of its kind to expose the reality behind China's Forced TV Confessions that have been beamed around the world on China's state TV channel CGTN.

Trial By Media

A book that explains in detail how China's forced TV confessions are made and expose the active role China's state media has played in creating them via its collaboration with the police.

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