Safeguard Defenders is a human rights NGO founded in late 2016 that undertakes and supports local field activities that contribute to the protection of basic rights, promote the rule of law and enhance the ability of local civil society and human rights defenders in some of the most hostile environments in Asia. 

At any given time, Safeguard Defenders is running about a dozen programs in target countries. From our small head office in Madrid, Spain we work with local partners, who include teachers, lawyers, local independent media organizations and civil society organizations engaged in the promotion and protection of human rights and the rule of law. 




UNwatch calls WHO to task for use of CCP-aligned “goodwill ambassadors”. The WHO fails to respond to ethics complaint filed by Safeguard Defenders.


“I am so proud of you and I’ve always believed in you. Please take care of your health. I will take good care of your parents and our son. We are all waiting for you to come home.”

Xu Yan to her husband, the human rights lawyer Yu Wensheng