The Director of Safeguard Defenders, Peter Dahlin, explains how civil society can bring serious human rights violators to justice.


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On 21 August, Safeguard Defenders filed a comprehensive report and review of China's newest system for Enforced Disappearances, Liuzhi, to nine relevant UN Special Procedures. 

  随着中国在几起备受瞩目的案件中对外国公民进行“指定居所监视居住”措施,如康明凯(Michael Kovrig),迈克尔·斯帕沃尔(Michael Spavor)和杨恒军,应该仔细研究一下在指定居所监视居住下使用单独监禁的情况,以及它为何构成了国际法范畴下的酷刑——尤其是《联合国禁止酷刑公约》,中国已签署和批准的为数不多的重要人权公约。 由于外国公民的拘留通常(但并非总是如此)由中国国家安全部(如上述所有三个案件)或较高级别警察实施,并且他们的拘留可能影响中国外交事务,因此与中国公民相比,他们的待遇(根据已知的数据)通常较好,从有限的数据来看,指定居所监视居住的常见特征,例如身体折磨,要么未使用,要么在较有限的范围内使用。但是,中国和其指定居所监视居住系统使用了许多构成相关国际法下定义为酷刑的方法,其中之一就是单独监禁。  


下载 (PDF): 指定居所监视居住:采用单独监禁,实为酷刑方法


With the detention and placement into ‘Residential Surveillance at a Designated Location’ (RSDL) of foreign citizens by China in several high-profile cases, such as Michael Kovrig, Michael Spavor and Yang Hengjun, it merits a closer look at the use of solitary confinement within China’s RSDL system, and if and if so why, it constitutes torture under international law, in particular the Convention Against Torture, one of the few key human rights treatises both signed and ratified by China.

This brief paper looks into how critics are effectively disappeared after arrest, while awaiting trial, by police’s use of false names for those placed into pre-trial detention, done by police sometimes with, sometimes without, the detention centers’ knowledge.


Download as pdf: Hidden in Detention - Vanishing Suspects


Below is the official, redacted, version of the full complaint filed against CCTV for its operations in the United Kingdom, with the Office of Communications (Ofcom) on November 23, 2018.   Ofcom is tasked by law to regulate media broadcasters in the United Kingdom, and to implement the Broadcasting code. CCTV and CGTN both holds broadcast licenses in the UK. The broadcast of a forced TV confession by Iranian State TV broadcaster in the UK led to the TV broadcaster being investigated and found guilty, and subsequently, had their license to broadcast in the UK revoked.

On November 23, 2018, Safeguard Defenders will release its next book, Trial By Media - China's new show trials, and the global expansion of Chinese media, edited by Peter Dahlin.