#ffffff 近几个月来,有消息称中国将新疆西北部地区的穆斯林(主要是维吾尔族)大规模聚集到政治再教育营,这个消息令全世界震惊,尽管仍有大量的案件未被报道。 据估计,数十万人在一场绝对没有正当程序的运动中失踪。受害者可以被无限期地拘留。没有人是安全的,即使是维吾尔族名人—一位足球运动员流行歌手也无 - 例外的被掳走。   郑国恩(Adrian Zenz)博士是负责搜集有关这一隐秘信息的少数学者之一。 In recent months news that China is rounding up Muslims (mostly Uighurs) en masse in its northwestern Xinjiang region to political re-education camps has shocked many, although the story is still massively under-reported. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of people have been disappeared in a campaign with absolutely no due process. Victims can be held indefinitely. No one is safe.

While attention for the past few years has been focused on the shocking footage of pre-trial detainees being forced to confess on China’s state bro

今天发布的这份长达八十页的突破性报告:《剧本和策划:中国强迫电视认罪的幕后》,即为针对四月份Safeguard Defenders (保护卫士)所发布的揭露中国非法强迫被拘留者录制电视认罪,其幕后的策划及虐待行为的英文报告中文翻译版。

这是有关中国指定居所监视居住(RSDL)的所有新闻的月度总结。 它包括了中国“强迫失踪”合法化实践的受害者,法律发展和评论的最新相关情况。   RSDL新案例 中共严查律师执照 留置首例死亡事件被报道 新疆政治再教育营的新证据 刘霞以死抗争,呼吁释放的压力逐渐升温 两个庭审:扎西文西和秦永敏    

This is a monthly round-up of all news related to Residential Surveillance at a Designated Location (RSDL) in China.

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