Safeguard Defenders sent an open letter  to the UK's TV-regulator Ofcom today [25 February 2020], requesting an investigation into allegations that China Global Television Network (CGTN) is violating UK broadcasting law and Ofcom's own Guidelines, that prohibits any media organization from being owned or controlled by a political body, and for its license to be revoked.

The story of Dr. Li Wenliang may help to expose the true nature of China’s repulsive practice of forced confessions inside the country.


As China battles to get a grip on the highly infectious Coronavirus epidemic that emerged in Wuhan in December, it has also brought out a well-worn tool – public forced confessions -- to control the debate on the disease and humiliate and punish those who “spread rumours” or take advantage of any panic.

今天(1月15日),保护卫士组织发布了其最新手册——《对抗有罪不罚:公民社会如何使用马格尼茨基法案制裁侵犯人权者指南》(Fighting Impunity: A guide on how civil society can use Magnitsky Acts to sanction human rights violators)。其为同类手册中第一本面向公民社会,逐步全面介绍如何针对犯下严重人权侵犯人员提交制裁申请的手册。

-- 该手册中文版将于二月发行 -- 

 [12月19日] 保护卫士分别向加拿大和美国提交针对有关中国官方电视台央视及其国际分支CGTN的官方投诉,逐步加大反击其系统化和反复广播侵权行为的运动。这一系列投诉主要有关该电视台广播强迫电视认罪的行为。

一年前,保护卫士向英国和美国首次提交投诉,正式发起针对该电视台侵犯行为的运动。去年11月,保护卫士协助英国商人彼得·汉弗莱(Peter Humphrey)向英国电视监管部门Ofcom提出了公平和隐私投诉,并在2019年进一步提起了另外两次投诉。



[19 December] Safeguard Defenders has stepped up its campaign against China's party-state TV company CCTV and its international arm CGTN for committing repeated and systematic broadcasting violations and filed official complaints in the US and Canada. These complaints focus on the airing of forced TV confessions.