#ffffff In recent months news that China is rounding up Muslims (mostly Uighurs) en masse in its northwestern Xinjiang region to political re-education camps has shocked many, although the story is still massively under-reported. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of people have been disappeared in a campaign with absolutely no due process. Victims can be held indefinitely. No one is safe.

这是有关中国指定居所监视居住(RSDL)的所有新闻的月度总结。 它包括了中国“强迫失踪”合法化实践的受害者,法律发展和评论的最新相关情况。   RSDL新案例 中共严查律师执照 留置首例死亡事件被报道 新疆政治再教育营的新证据 刘霞以死抗争,呼吁释放的压力逐渐升温 两个庭审:扎西文西和秦永敏    

This is a monthly round-up of all news related to Residential Surveillance at a Designated Location (RSDL) in China.

这是有关中国指定居所监视居住(RSDL)的所有新闻的月度总结。 它包括了中国“强迫失踪”合法化实践的受害者,法律发展和评论的最新相关情况。   在本月汇总开始之前,我们先快速回顾一下RSDLMonitor本月的工作情况:4月10日,我们发布了深度报告《 剧本和策划:中国强迫电视认罪的幕后》,此报告被多家媒体报道,并引发了一场关于记者应如何有伦理的报道这种侵犯人权的讨论。