It’s not been a good week for China’s Communist Party-controlled overseas TV station China Global Television Network (CGTN).



UNwatch calls WHO to task for use of CCP-aligned “goodwill ambassadors”. The WHO fails to respond to ethics complaint filed by Safeguard Defenders.


Đầu tuần này, một tin gây chú ý rằng Facebook đã chịu khuất phục trước áp lực tại Việt Nam khi đồng ý kiểm duyệt các bài đăng được coi là chống nhà nước ở quốc gia này sau khi hai công ty viễn thông nhà nước cản trở lưu lượng truy cập vào trang web của Facebook.

本周早些时候,有消息称,在越南两家国营电信公司将其服务器下线,严重遏制了其网站流量后,Facebook 屈服于政府压力,开始在越南对被认为“反国家”的贴子进行审查。

Earlier this week, news broke that Facebook had succumbed to pressure in Vietnam to censor posts deemed “anti-state” in the country after two state telecommunications firms seriously impeded traffic to its site by taking its servers offline.

One of three citizen journalists who went missing in Wuhan while covering the Coronavirus outbreak has returned with a new video.

But Li Zehua, in this one, oddly, praises the police, countering criticisms against them following his disappearance. The delivery, style and content is markedly different from his other videos. It looks and sounds like a 'confession’ video, of a type very similar in delivery to many ‘confessions’ aired on Chinese state TV since 2013.


去年12月,澳大利亚外交、国防和贸易联合常设委员会(Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade )(即人权小组委员会)就是否应该利用针对性制裁应对侵犯人权问题,引入以美国、加拿大、英国以及即将在欧盟通过的《马格尼茨基法案》为蓝本的立法进行研究。最新的国家是科索沃(即第七个国家),于一月通过该项立法。